Feb 09, 2017

"Image 2016"
FNCCI Commodity Members' Profile - 2016

Published on the auspiciuos occation of the 50th Anniversary of FNCCI, it is a landmark of Commodity Council of FNCCI, embracing the entire information of every commodity associations associated with FNCCI.

This publication can be purchased from FNCCI Secretariat, Teku, Kathmandu.
Price: Nepalese Rupees 500/-

Please contact to purchase the profile directory: 

Mr. Madhav Mulmi, 
Asst. Director, FNCCI
(mobile: 9801192560, email: madhav@fncci.org)
Account Section of FNCCI Secretariat
FNCCI Tel :  4266889 / 4262061
Fax:  01-4261022, 4262007

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