Following are the main services being provided by FNCCI:

► Representing the entire business community of the country in national and international forums

► Preparing recommendations for promoting exports and investment

► Promoting joint ventures

► Providing expertise service to exporters, importers and investors

► Facilitating participation in national and international trade fairs and exhibitions

► Promoting better industrial relations

► Providing business information and research services

► Strengthening local chambers and associations

► Promoting entrepreneurship

► Conducting, on a regular basis, trainings, workshops, seminars on chamber management, publication, information exchange, documentation, industrial relation, productivity, entrepreneurship, quality management, environment etc.

► Providing "One Stop" service to its members

Services Rendered by Employers' Council at FNCCI:

The Employers' Council has developed an extensive range of services designed to meet the needs of employers operating in Nepal. These services are available to all FNCCI members.
Legal and Advisory Services:
  • Advise members on matters related to collective bargaining and strikes, and all labour law related issues
  • Provide solutions relating to layoffs, and termination of contracts
  • Assist and represent members during labour disputes through mediation and facilitation.
Information Dissemination
  • The Employers' Council keeps the members informed and up to date on: 
    • Labour Law Reform process
    • Market information and the business environment
  • The Employers' Council acts as a documentation center on:
    • Laws, Rules and Regulations
    • Research and Publication
    • Government announcement and updates
Training and Networking Opportunities
  • Training Courses
  • Conferences, Seminars and Forums

More information on Employer's Council:


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